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Dual-receptor-targeted nanomedicines: emerging trends and advances in lung cancer therapeutics - Supplementary figures

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posted on 2022-11-01, 12:47 authored by Vikas, Hemendra Kumar Sahu, Abhishesh Kumar Mehata, Matte Kasi Viswanadh, Vishnu Priya, Madaswamy S Muthu

Cancer is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Among all cancer types, lung cancer is recognized as

the most lethal and highly metastatic. The application of targeted nanomedicine loaded with anticancer

drugs is highly desirable for successful lung cancer treatment. However, due to the heterogenicity and

complexity of lung cancer, the therapeutic effectiveness of a single receptor targeting nanomedicine is

unfortunately limited. Therefore, the concept of dual-receptor-targeted nanomedicine is an emerging

trend for the advancement in lung cancer therapeutics. In this review, the authors discuss various

single- and dual-receptor-targeted nanomedicines that have been developed for lung cancer treatment.

Furthermore, the authors also discussed all the types of receptors that can be utilized in combination for

the development of dual-receptor-targeted nanomedicines.