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Design of carbon dots for bioimaging and behavior regulation of stem cells - supplementary figure

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posted on 2023-08-23, 11:56 authored by Jing Li, Rongshuang Tan, Xueru Bian, Zhangjie Ge, Jiamin Li, Zhihui Li, Lingzi Liao, Ling Yang, Rui Zhang, Ping Zhou

Carbon dots (CDs) have been widely used in bioimaging, biosensing and biotherapy because of their good biocompatibility, optical properties and stability. In this review, we comprehensively summarize the research on CDs in terms of synthesis methods, optical properties and biotoxicity. We describe and envisage the directions for CDs application in stem cell imaging and differentiation, with the aim of stimulating the design of future related CDs. We used ‘carbon dots’, ‘stem cells’, ‘cell imaging’, ‘cell differentiation’ and ‘fate control’ as keywords to search for important articles. The Web of Science database was used to extract vital information from a total of 357 papers, 126 review articles and 231 article proceedings within 12 years (2011–2022).


China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, (Grant / Award Number: 'NO.2022M721443')

the Natural Science Foundation of Gansu Provincial , (Grant / Award Number: 'NO. 22JR5RA499')

Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, (Grant / Award Number: 'lzujbky-2021-ey14 and lzujbky-2021-kb05')

Lanzhou University Hospital of Stomatology Research Support Fund, (Grant / Award Number: )

the Open Subject Foundation of Key Laboratory of Dental Maxillofacial Reconstruction and Biological Intelligence Manufacturing, (Grant / Award Number: '20JR10RA653-ZDKF20210602')


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