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DNMT3a promotes osteoblast differentiation and alleviates osteoporosis via the PPARγ/SCD1/GLUT1 axis

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posted on 2022-06-29, 08:42 authored by Kaifeng Gan, Huihan Wang, Binhui Chen, Minjie Yang, Jiqiong Wu, LiJun Wang, Liangjie Lu


Supplementary Table 1 Primer sequences for RT-qPCR.


Supplementary Figure 1 Representative Western blot bands (A: 1F; B: 1K; C: 1H; D: 2C; E: 2D; F: 3A; G: 3E; H: 4E; I: 4F; J: 4H; K: 4I; L: 4K; M: 4N; N: 4P; O: 5B; P: 5E; Q: 5F; R: 5H; S: 5J; T: 5L; U: 5M; V: 5N; W: 6F).