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Cationically modified inhalable nintedanib niosomes: enhancing therapeutic activity against non-small-cell lung cancer NNM-2022-0045 Suppl file

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posted on 2022-08-25, 08:29 authored by Snehal K Shukla, Veronica Nguyen, Mimansa Goyal, Vivek Gupta

Aim: This study was designed to develop and test nintedanib-loaded niosomes as inhalable carriers for

enhancing its therapeutic efficacy via localized drug accumulation and addressing issues such as low

bioavailability and severe toxicity. Methods: Niosomes were prepared by thin-film hydration method

and were evaluated for in vitro therapeutic effectiveness in lung cancer cells. Results: The optimized

niosomal formulation displayed optimized vesicle size, controlled and extended release of drug, and

efficient aerodynamic properties indicating its suitability as an aerosolized formulation. In vitro studies

revealed significantly superior cytotoxicity of nintedanib-loaded niosomes which was further validated

by 3D spheroids. Conclusion: These findings establish the effectiveness of niosomes as inhalable delivery

carriers which could serve as a promising strategy for delivery of nintedanib to treat several lung cancers.


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, (Grant / Award Number: '1R15HL138606-01A1 ')