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Assessment of the imaging properties of 3D-printable material using dual energy computed tomography: supplementary figurs

posted on 2023-02-17, 10:20 authored by Lisa M Rowley, Elizabeth M Davies, Emma Chung

Aim: Assessment of the imaging properties of 3D-printable materials using dual energy computed

tomography (DECT) to match clinical values for imaging phantoms. Methods: 3D-printed samples were

imaged using DECT. Regions of interest were analyzed to assess spectral computed tomography (CT)

numbers at various energies and measure the electron density (ρe) and effective atomic number (Zeff).

Results: Electron density was proportional to the CT number for the materials assessed with Zeff between

6.43 and 7.01. The measured CT number increased with monochromatic energy for all but one sample.

Conclusion: A single DECT scan provides valuable information regarding the properties of 3D-printable

material due to the ease of measurement of ρe and Zeff. The majority of 3D-printed materials analyzed

behaved like adipose tissue across a range of energies in CT imaging.