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Antitumor applications of polyphenol-conjugated turnip mosaic virus-derived nanoparticles nnm-2022-0067 Suppl figs

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posted on 2022-08-25, 08:46 authored by Edith Velazquez-Lam, Jaime Tome-Amat, Carmen Segrelles, Carmen Yuste-Calvo, Sara Asensio, Jorge Peral, Fernando Ponz, Corina Lorz

Background: Filamentous plant virus-derived nanoparticles are biodegradable and noninfectious to

humans. Their structure is also amenable to chemical modifications. They constitute an appealingmaterial

for biomedical applications including imaging and drug delivery. We had previously used turnip mosaic

virus-derived nanoparticles (TuMV-NPs) to increase antibody-sensing in vivo, to prevent biofilm formation

and to build biological nanoscaffolds. Materials & methods: We analyzed TuMV-NP biodistribution and

tumor homing using in vivo imaging.We studied in vitro the interaction with human cancer cell lines and

the antiproliferative effect of epigallocatechin gallate-functionalized TuMV-NPs. Results & conclusion:

TuMV-NPs are efficiently internalized by human cells and show good tumor homing. The antiproliferative

effect of epigallocatechin gallate-TuMV-NPs suggests that they could offer a potential anticancer therapy.


Comunidad de Madrid, Spain, (Grant / Award Number: 'FOODAL-CM: S2018/BAA-4574')

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) and Nuevo León Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Mexico, (Grant / Award Number: 'Student Grant No. 459134')

EU Arimnet-2 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, EU, (Grant / Award Number: 'Grant Agreement No. 618127')

Instituto de Salud Carlos III co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Spain, (Grant / Award Number: 'CB16/12/00228 ','PI18/00263','PI21/00208 ')

Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (INIA), Spain, (Grant / Award Number: 'RTA2015-00017')

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación FEDER co-funded, Spain, (Grant / Award Number: 'PEJ2018-002040-A')

‘Severo Ochoa’ Distinctions of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain, (Grant / Award Number: 'CEX2020-000999-S','SEV-2016-0672 ')