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A novel methylated cell-free DNA marker panel to monitor treatment response in metastatic prostate cancer. Supplementary figures and tables

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posted on 2022-07-12, 09:16 authored by Bharati Bapat, Wei Xu, Martin Hirst, Anthony M. Joshua, Srikala S. Sridhar, Neil E. Fleshner, Aaron R. Hansen, Shivani Kamdar, Jiajie Pu, Yuliang Shi, Misha Bilenky, Madonna R. Peter

Supplementary Figure 1. Overview of the changes in methylation levels of each region from  visit A to C for each patient. 


Supplementary Figure 2. Methylation levels of each candidate region stratified by  treatment type.

Supplementary Figure 3. Correlation matrices of methylation levels for all regions. 

Supplementary Figure 4. Kaplan–Meier analysis of association between methylation spike  status at visit B and TTCP. 

Supplementary Figure 5. DNA methylation patterns of Region 1 in other tissue/cell types. 

Supplementary Figure 6. DNA methylation patterns of Region 5 in other tissue/cell types. 

Supplementary table 1: Patient sample collection details

Supplementary table 2: Summary of canadidated methylated regions 

Supplementary table 3: Spearman correlation, Cox proportional hazards (univariate) and logistic regression analysis results

Supplementary table 4:  Cox proportional hazards analysis of changes in methylation levels between visits