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5-Fluorouracil-caffeic acid cocrystal delivery agent with long-term and synergistic high-performance antitumor effects - supplementary material

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posted on 2023-03-17, 09:48 authored by Yue-Ming Yu, Fan-Zhi Bu, Yu Yu, Cui-Wei Yan, Zhi-Yong Wu, Yan-Tuan Li

 Figure S1. An Ortep view of the cocrystal FL-CF-2H2O.  

 Figure S2. The simulated and experimental PXRD patterns of cocrystal FL-CF-2H2O. 

 Figure S3. MEP maps of FL, cocrystal FL-CF-2H2O and monomer carrier of PEG-PCL. 

 Figure S4. (a) and (b) are two geometrical structures and relative Eint values of FL and PEG-PCL binding in FL micelles, (c) and (d) correspond to two optimized configurations and relative Eint values of the cocrystal combined with PEG-PCL. 

 Figure S5. IR spectra of cocrystal FL-CF-2H2O, polymers PEG-PCL, and cocrystal-loaded micelles as well as the micelles co-loaded with FL and CF. 


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