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posted on 2021-11-29, 15:13 authored by Sherrif F. Ibrahim, Julia M. Kasprzak, Mary A. Hall, Alison L. Fitzgerald, Jennifer Cox-SiegelJennifer Cox-Siegel, Sarah J. Kurley, Kyle R. Covington, Matthew S. Goldberg, Aaron S. Farberg, Shannon C. Trotter, Kenneth L. Reed, David G. Brodland, Shlomo A. Koyfman, Ally-Khan Somani, Sarah T. Arron, Ashley Wysong
Supplemental Table 1. Risk factors captured and used for factor count by case.

Supplemental Table 2. Metastasis rates by 40-GEP and BWH T stage or AJCC8 T stage.

Supplemental Table 3. Univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses of risk for metastasis per 40-GEP Class and individualBWH and AJCC8 T stages in cSCCvalidation cases.


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