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posted on 2022-05-09, 08:28 authored by Shaoyao Yan, Hongliang Liu, Huiyong Nie, Gang Bu, Weili Yuan, Suoliang Wang



Aim: we aimed to examine the relationship of the RETN and RARRES2 genes with hand osteoarthritis (HOA) susceptibility risk, clinical severity and pain. Methods: A total of 3,740 subjects comprising 1,180 participants with HOA and 2,560 controls were enrolled. Genetic association was evaluated at both single marker and haplotype levels using Plink. Results: Two significant hits, SNP rs4721 from RARRES2 and rs3745368 from RETN, were identified with an increased risk of HOA. Significant associations were obtained for SNP rs3745368 on KL grade in HOA patients and SNP rs4721 on pain analog scales of HOA patients. Conclusion: Our results indicate that RARRES2 and RETN affect the HOA risk and are associated with clinical features and severity in patients with HOA.


The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Research Foundation, (Grant/Award Number: '2017MS-05')


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