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Use of a 3D printed, color-coded airway model for bronchoscopy training and anatomy learning: supplementary materials

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posted on 2023-05-22, 15:00 authored by Christopher T Leba, Samuel Vydro, Scott Drapeau, Dylan Romero, Derek Harmon, Madeleine Norris, Alyssa Perez, Michael Bunker, Shafkat Anwar, Justin L Sewell

Aim: Tracheobronchial anatomy for bronchoscopy education is challenging. 3D printing (3DP) is a

promising technology to design bronchoscopy simulators. Materials & methods: We created a 3DP

tracheobronchial model and color-coded the airways to train first-year pulmonary fellows. A pre- and

post-test, practical test and post-test questionnaires were used to evaluate the curriculum implementation.

Results: For six fellows the pre- and post-test mean score improved from 11.5/22 (SD = ±1.71) to 16.2/22

(SD = ±2.79). Practical testing mean was 34.5/54 (SD = ±5.82). Questionnaires rated the 3DP model

favorably. Conclusion: Our pilot curriculum using a color-coded 3DP model demonstrated improvement in

airway identification with favorable ratings by fellows. We posit conceptual frameworks in play and how

we address them in future models.


Funding for the 3DP model used in the curriculum was provided by the University of California, San FranciscoMakers Lab (CA, USA) and the University of California Nina Ireland Program for Lung Health (CA, USA).