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Therapeutic and safety outcomes of intracoronary nicardipine in coronary artery disease patients: a systematic review supplementary data

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posted on 2023-06-02, 09:41 authored by Syeda Tayyaba Rehan, Laiba Imran, Aqsa Salim, Syed Owais Javed, Aruba Sohail, Hassan ul Hussain, Jawad Ahmed, Farah Yasmin, Md. Saiful Islam, Muhammad Sohaib Asghar

Aim: This systematic review aimed to shed light on the efficacy of intracoronary (IC) nicardipine in

treating no reflow with CAD undergoing revascularization. Methods: Literature search was performed

on databases with following eligibility criteria: adult patients with CAD; clinical trials or observational

studies; IC nicardipine as intervention; therapeutic and safety outcome reported. Results: A total of 1249

papers were yielded during the literature search. Of these, 11 studies were finalized for this systematic

review. Complete restoration of TIMI 3 flow was observed in 98.6% of the patients receiving IC nicardipine.

A significant increase in the CBF after infusion of IC nicardipine (p < 0.05) was also observed. Conclusion:

IC nicardipine significantly increases CBF and decreases coronary vascular resistance.


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