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The use of 3D printed models in patient communication: a scoping review: Supplementary table 1.docx

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posted on 2022-01-19, 13:16 authored by Gemma Traynor, Andrew I.U. Shearn, Elena Giulia Milano, Maria Victoria Ordonez, Mari Nieves Velasco Forte, Massimo Caputo, Silvia Schievano, Hannah Mustard, Jo Wray, Giovanni Biglino
Supplementary Table 1. Summary of studies included in the final analysis, including communication outcomes and other outcomes not related to communication. None of studies reported follow-up data. Colour legend (disciplines): yellow = orthopaedics; red = cardiovascular; blue = ENT; green = gastric surgery; aqua = neurosurgery.


British Heart Foundation (CH/17/1/32804), Bristol BHF Accelerator Award (AA/18/7/34219)