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The significance of quercetin-loaded advanced nanoformulations for the management of diabetic wounds - supplementary table

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posted on 2023-05-11, 14:03 authored by Vijay Kumar Panthi, Mohammad Imran, Arshi Chaudhary, Keshav Raj Paudel, Yousuf Mohammed

Quercetin is a well-known plant flavanol that exhibits multiple biological activities, including antioxidant,

anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities. The role of quercetin in wound healing has been widely

explored by a range of researchers in different models. However, the physicochemical properties, such

as solubility and permeability, of this compound are low, which ultimately limits its bioavailability on the

target site. To overcome these limitations for successful therapy, scientists have developed a range of

nanoformulations that provide effective therapeutic potential. In this review, the broad mechanism of

quercetin for acute and chronic wounds is covered. A compilation of recent advances on the horizon of

wound healing via quercetin is incorporated with several advanced nanoformulations.


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