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Table S1 - Diagnostic performances and therapeutic impact of the Unyvero Implant and Tissue Infection multiplex PCR in periprosthetic joint infections

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posted on 2023-08-04, 15:32 authored by Claire Richarme, Patricia Pavese, Brice Rubens-Duval, Olivier Seurat, Marion Le Marechal, Sandrine Boisset


Aim: We evaluated the diagnostic performances of Unyvero Implant and Tissue Infection multiplex PCR (mPCR) (Curetis) and the clinical impact of this PCR on therapeutic decisions. Materials & methods:AmPCR was performed on 33 joint fluids in addition to standard culture. A group of experts analyzed a posteriori the impact of the mPCR in the patient management. Results: The rate of concordance with culture was 74% (20/27). The sensitivity of the PCR was 59% and the specificity 90%. Clinicians would have started an appropriate treatment sooner for six patients (from 2 to 22 days earlier). Conclusion: The PCR would improve the management of 22% of the patients. For other patients, mPCR results have to be completed with the culture. 


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