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Systematic review of outcomes and patient heterogeneity in relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: supplementary tables

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posted on 2022-11-23, 17:21 authored by Sally D Miller, Greta Lozano-Ortega, Alex Mutebi, Owanate Briggs, Kavita Sail, Brian Elliott, Anupama Kalsekar

Aim: To evaluate trials of systemic therapies in transplant-ineligible or -experienced, relapsed/refractory

diffuse large-B cell lymphoma and the impact of patient characteristics on overall response rate (ORR).

Patients & methods: Systematically reviewed multiple databases through 22 July 2021. Analyzed variations

in patient characteristics and their relationship with ORR across trials. Results: Among 17 included trials,

key patient characteristics varied substantially: primary refractory (0–69%), refractory to last line of

therapy (LOT) (12–100%), ≥2 prior LOTs (14–100%), ≥3 prior LOTs (0–64%), IPI ≥3 (23–73%), tumor stage

III/IV (50–90%) and median age (56–74 years). ORRs varied substantially (25–83%), correlating with these

characteristics. Conclusion: Differences in patient characteristics significantly contribute to the variability

in ORR across these trials and should be considered when contextualizing efficacy data.


A Mutebi, B Elliott, O Briggs and A Kalsekar are employees of Genmab US. K Sail is an employee of AbbVie. SD Miller and G Lozano-Ortega are employees of Broadstreet HEOR, which was contracted by Genmab US for the conduct of this study. Josh Rodman and Emma Bone are employees of Apothecom which was contracted by Genmab US for medical writing support.