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Supplementary tables: Efficacy of tucatinib for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer after HER2-targeted therapy: a network meta-analysis.docx

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posted on 2021-08-31, 10:31 authored by Kendra DeBusk, Shaun Abeysinghe, Adrian Vickers, Anubhav Nangia, Judith Bell, Chiemeka Ike, Andres Forero-Torres, Matthew T Blahna

Supplementary Table 1. Search terms used in Embase (A) Initial systematic review search, January 22, 2020; (B, C) November 23, 2020

Supplementary Table 2. Systematic literature review eligibility criteria used to identify relevant randomized trials

Supplementary Table 3. Risk of bias assessment for studies included in the NMA


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