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posted on 2021-06-04, 07:37 authored by Andrea Pierri, Antonio Pizzolante Federico Nicodemo, Amedeo Ferro, Biancamaria Pierri, Carlo Buonerba, Eleonora Beccaloni, Stefano Albanese, Bruno Basso, Pellegrino Cerino

Supplementary Table 1. Municipal pressure indices of all municipalities in the Campania Region

Supplementary table 2. Identification of Clusters within the Impact Areas applicable to the geo-stratified recruitment plan as part of a monitoring study in the Campania Region

Abstract: The Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Mezzogiorno – IZSM) is a public health institution operating within the Italian National Health Service. Over the past five years, IZSM has promoted several researches and interventions in an effort to tackle the “Land of Fires” phenomenon, caused by the continued trafficking and uncontrolled incineration of waste that has affected some areas of Campania for decades. In this article, a mathematical model that generates a municipality index of environmental pressure is presented. The model was developed by a multi-disciplinary team led by an environmental engineer, which included researchers in the fields of veterinary and human medicine, biology and computer science. This model may serve as a geo-stratification tool useful for the design of human biomonitoring studies, although it may also be employed for strategic planning of remediation programs and public health interventions.


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