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Supplementary table 1.docx: A Phase I trial of talazoparib in patients witha dvanced hematologic malignancies

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posted on 2021-10-23, 12:04 authored by Ajay K Gopal, Rakesh Popat, Ryan J Mattison, Tobias Menne, Adrian Bloor, Terry Gaymes, Asim Khwaja, Mark Juckett, Ying Chen, Matthew J Cotter, Ghulam J Mufti

Supplementary Figure 1. Dose linearity and proportionality in plasma following multiple doses of talazoparib.
Supplementary material. Medical history of the patient in Cohort 1 who experienced possible drug-related Grade 5 neutropenic sepsis.

Supplementary Table 1. Patient disposition by dose level and diagnosis (safety population).

Supplementary Table 2. Exposure to talazoparib (safety population).


This study was sponsored by Biomarin/Medivation, which was acquired by Pfizer Inc. in September 2016 (grant number not applicable).