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posted on 2021-05-19, 12:16 authored by Patrick A. Gladding, Suzanne Loader, Kevin Smith, Erica ZarateErica Zarate, Saras GreenSaras Green, Silas Villas-BoasSilas Villas-Boas, Phillip ShepherdPhillip Shepherd, Purvi KakadiyaPurvi Kakadiya, William HewittWilliam Hewitt, Eric ThorstensenEric Thorstensen, Christine KevenChristine Keven, Margaret CoeMargaret Coe, Bahareh Nakisa, Tan Vuong, Mohammad Naim Rastgoo, Mia Jüllig, Vito Starc, Todd Schlegel

Supplemental Table 1 - Timing points based on audio track


Health Research Council of New Zealand Explorer Grant 16/680