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Supplementary table - Alpha-fetoprotein mediated targeting of polymeric nanoparticles to treat solid tumors nnm-2022-0097

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posted on 2022-09-22, 15:56 authored by Mariya B Sokol, Nikita G Yabbarov, Mariia R Mollaeva, Margarita V Chirkina, Murad D Mollaev, Artur I Zabolotsky, Sergey L Kuznetsov, Elena D Nikolskaya

Background: Serious side effects caused by paclitaxel formulation, containing toxic solubilizer

Cremophor R ? EL, and its nonspecific accumulation greatly limit clinical paclitaxel application. Aim: To

design paclitaxel-loaded copolymer of lactic and glycolic acids nanoparticles decorated with alphafetoprotein

third domain (rAFP3d-NP) to increase paclitaxel safety profile. Methods: rAFP3d-NP was

obtained via carbodiimide technique. Results: The particles were characterized with high paclitaxel

loading content of 5% and size of 280 nm. rAFP3d-NP revealed biphasic profile with 67% release

of paclitaxel during 220 h. Increased area under the curveinf and mean residence time values after

rAFP3d-NP administration confirmed prolonged blood circulation compared with paclitaxel. rAFP3d-NP

demonstrated significant tumor growth inhibition at 4T1 and SKOV-3 models. Conclusion: rAFP3d-NP is

a promising delivery system for paclitaxel and can be applied similarly for delivery of other hydrophobic



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