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posted on 2021-08-05, 11:06 authored by Yi-Ru Chen, Yi-Ting Li, Mei-Qian Wang, Sen-Lin Zhu

Supplementary Figure 1

Data for MCM10 expression in HCC from online databases. (A) The transcription level of MCM10 in 20 different types of human cancers (ONCOMINE). Color is determined by the highest gene rank percentile genes based on log fold-change; red represents upregulation and blue indicates downregulation. Cut-off of P-value and fold change were as following: P-value: 0.05, fold change: 1.5, gene rank: 10%, data type: mRNA. (B) Relative expression of MCM10 in HCC tissues (n = 371) and adjacent normal liver tissues (n = 50) from TCGA database (UALCAN). (C) Relative expression of MCM10 in normal individuals (n = 50) and in HCC patients with different cancer stages (Stage 1, n = 168; Stage 2, n = 84; Stage 3, n = 82; Stage 4, n = 6). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001. (D) Representative immunohistochemistry images of MCM10 protein in HCC tissues and normal liver tissues (Human Protein Atlas).

Supplementary Table 1

Clinicopathological characteristics of 364 HCC patients.

Supplementary Table 2

Estimated AUC value of TNM and MCM10 in 364 HCC patients after follow-up.

Supplementary Table 3

Summary of significantly enriched GO annotations of MCM10 related network.


This study was supported by Guangzhou Science and Technology Development Funds (Key Program, No. 201803010103).