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Supplementary date: Application of Gyrolab microfluidic platform to measure picomolar affinity of a PD-L1-binding Adnectin PET radioligand

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posted on 16.07.2020 by Zhou Dai, Juhi Juneja, Lumelle A. Schneeweis, Daniel Cohen, Frank Marsilio, Paul Morin, Ruchira DasGupta

Supplementary Figure 1. Bioanalytical characterization of Adnectin samples. (A) SDS-PAGE: lane 1, standard; lane 3, His-ADX_5322_A02-DBCO; lane 5, ADX_5322_A02-DBCO; lane 6, 19F-BMS-986192; lanes 2 and 4, other constructs. (B) Analytical SEC. (C) Mass spectrometry (MS).

Supplementary Figure 2. Multi-curve analysis of the affinity series for PD-L1 Adnectins after 22 h or 44 h equilibration at room temperature (data points and fitted curve: 50 pM Adnectin in orange and 150 pM Adnectin in blue). (A) ADX_5322_A02-DBCO, 44 h; (B) His-ADX_5322_A02-DBCO, 22 h; (C) His-ADX_5322_A02-DBCO, 44h; (D) 19F-BMS-986192, 22 h; (E) 19F-BMS-986192, 44 h.