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Supplementary data: The Effect of Patient Satisfaction Scores on Physician Job Satisfaction and Burnout

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posted on 2020-11-12, 11:56 authored by Byron J Schneider, Reza Ehsanian, Alex Schmidt, Lisa Huynh, David J Kennedy, Dermot P Maher, Sterling Haring

Physician burnout is recognized as reversible with the potential to negatively influence quality of care and patient outcomes. The study objective was to evaluate associations between patient satisfaction scores (PSS) and physicians’ perceptions of job satisfaction and burnout via a physician survey. 82/107 report PSS are institutionally tracked, with 23/107 and 39/107 reporting PSS utilization in financial compensation or performance review, respectively. 54/107, report pressure to emphasize PSS; 63/107, report PSS having negative effect on job satisfaction; 31/107 considered leaving their job or career due to PSS; and 84/107 report PSS contribute to burnout. In the cohort of physicians treating patients with spine pain who responded to this survey, PSS are associated with decreased job satisfaction and increased burnout. The survey is provided.