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Supplementary data: RPA-PCR couple: an approach to expedite plant diagnostics and overcome PCR inhibitors

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posted on 2020-08-20, 12:51 authored by Mustafa Ahmad Munawar, Frank Martin, Anna Toljamo, Harri Kokko, Elina Oksanen
Table S1: List of the taxa utilized in laboratory evaluations of specificity and their isolate numbers, sources and origins of recovery


Initial optimization of the RPA-PCR couple was accomplished during the ‘Tauti voi ei!’ project funded by Euroopan maaseudun kehittämisen maatalousrahasto (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development/ EAFRD), Pohjois-Savon ELY-Keskus. MA Munawar also received personal grants from Finnish Cultural Foundation and Olvi Foundation, Finland to finalize this manuscript.