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Supplementary Tables. Real world assessment of myelodysplastic syndrome: Japanese claims data analysis

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posted on 2021-10-15, 15:08 authored by Saaya Tsutsué, Takahiro Suzuki, Hyojin Kim, Bruce Crawford
Supplementary Table 1. Inflation adjustment based on calendar year averages.
Supplementary Table 2. Nominal cost outcomes up to 3-year follow-up (LS-means and p-value were adjusted for all baseline comorbidities)
Supplementary Table 3. Nominal cost outcomes up to 3-year follow-up among HSCT groups
Supplementary Table 4. Additional patient baseline characteristics overall and by treatment category
Supplementary Table 5. Baseline characteristics for ESA and AZA patients who had transfusion within the first year of follow-up
Supplementary Table 6. Median cost (USD) for each treatment group over 3-years and stratified by follow-up month
Supplementary Table 7. Baseline characteristics for patients with incremental TD
Supplementary Table 8. Health care resource utilization stratified by follow-up month


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