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Supplementary Tables – Long-term safety and efficacy of bisphosphonate therapy in advanced lung cancer with bone metastasis

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posted on 2022-04-13, 08:18 authored by Figshare Future Science GroupFigshare Future Science Group, Zixin Wei, Bo Pan, Dexin Jia, Yan Yu


Supplementary Table   1 - Safety and efficacy of bisphosphonate therapy

Characteristics of   patients in the PSM dataset. AE-free   survivals of patients with two BP treatment patterns in different subtypes.   The comparison was performed by the log-rank test. OS, overall survival; BP,   bisphosphonate; AE, adverse event.

Supplementary   Table 2 - Safety and efficacy of   bisphosphonate therapy

Characteristics of   patients between regular and irregular BP treatment groups. The Kaplan-Meier curves for SRE-free   survivals of patients with regular and irregular therapy modes stratified by   different OS and infusion times. Statistical analysis was performed using the   log-rank test. OS, overall survival; BP, bisphosphonate; SRE,   skeletal-related event.