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Supplementary Tables: Hybrid coronary revascularization in multivessel coronary artery disease: a systematic review

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posted on 2022-01-10, 13:43 authored by Antonio Nenna, Francesco Nappi, Cristiano Spadaccio, Salvatore Matteo Greco, Michele Pilato, Francesco Stilo, Nunzio Montelione, Vincenzo Catanese, Mario Lusini, Francesco Spinelli, Massimo Chello

Supplementary Table 1. PICOS criteria for inclusion and exclusion of studies. NR: not reported. HCR: hybrid coronary revascularization. PCI: percutaneous coronary intervention. CABG: coronary artery bypass grafting. TECAB: totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass. MIDCAB: minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass. MACCEs: major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events. OR: odds ratio. LITA: left internal thoracic artery. * Data are given for HCR and CABG / PCI arms, respectively, expressed as a percentage ** Data are given for HCR and CABG / MV-PCI arms, respectively, expressed as a percentage *** Data are given for HCR and CABG (bilateral internal mammary/single internal mammary) arms, respectively, expressed as a percentage.

Supplementary Table 2. Quality assessment of the included original studies. Results for binary endpoints are presented as odds ratio (95% confidence interval) or relative risk (95% confidence interval), as defined in the original publication. Results for continuous endpoints are presented as mean difference (95% confidence interval). Odds, ratios and differences are referred to HCR versus control group. P value is related to overall effect. I2 indicates heterogeneity. on-CABG: on-pump CABG only; off-CABG: off-pump CABG only; NR: not reported. * thousands of US dollars

Supplementary Table 3. PRISMA checklist. NA: not available for this study.