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Supplementary Tables. Cost–effectiveness and cost–benefit analysis of oliceridine in the treatment of acute pain

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posted on 2021-07-09, 13:38 authored by Kit N Simpson, Michael J Fossler, Linda Wase, Mark A Demitrack
Supplementary Table 1. Estimated mean and median cost and length of stay (LOS) derived from the 2017 National Inpatient Sample-Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (NIS-HCUP) dataset.

Supplementary Table 2. Estimated cost weights for opioid-induced respiratory depression events by type of surgery (in 2017 US dollars).

Supplementary Table 3. Health economic model cost weights for opioid-induced respiratory depression, vomiting, and somnolence inflated to 2020 US dollar costs.

Supplementary Table 4. Base model estimates: Summary of impact of sensitivity analyses on the base model estimates.

Supplementary Table 5. Oliceridine parameter values used in the Monte Carlo simulations (values for morphine parameters were similarly varied).


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