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Supplementary Tables 1-7: Identification of the Immune Cell Infiltration Landscape in pancreatic cancer to assist Immunotherapy.xlsx

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posted on 2021-08-04, 12:21 authored by Zizheng Wang, Wenbo Zou, Fei Wang, Gong Zhang, Kuang Chen, Minggen Hu, Rong Liu

Supplementary Table 1: Clinical information of all patients with pancreatic cancer

Supplementary Table 2: CIBERSORT algorithm result

Supplementary Table 3: ESTIMATE algorithm results

Supplementary Table 4: Differentially expressed genes among three ICI clusters

Supplementary Table 5: Feature genes of ICI signature A and B

Supplementary Table 6: Terms of GO enrichment analysis

Supplementary Table 7: Gene set enrichment analysis of ICI score