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Supplementary Tables 1-5: The clinical and economic burden of peripheral T-cell lymphoma: a systematic literature review

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posted on 2021-12-01, 16:20 authored by Ajibade O. Ashaye, Heather Burnett, Seye Abogunrin, Hemangi Panchmatia, Olga Ovcinnikova, Mehul Dalal
Supplementary Table 1. Database and Conference Sources
Supplementary Table 2. Study Selection Criteria
Supplementary Table 3. Characteristics of Included Studies
Supplementary Table 4. Summary of Results for ORR
Supplementary Table 5. Summary of Results: Costs and Resource Use

Abstract: Aims: To understand the burden of treatment-naïve peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL).
Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted in November 2020 following best practice methodology.
Results: Fifty-five clinical studies were included; most investigating CHOP or “CHOP-like” regimens, with combination regimens showing similar effectiveness compared to CHOP alone. Aside from A + CHP, other available treatments showed no statistically significant benefit over CHOP in terms of OS or PFS in overall PTCL. The mean monthly cost per patient in the US ranged from $6,328-$9,356 based on six studies. One economic evaluation demonstrated A+CHP to be a more cost-effective treatment option compared to CHOP.
Conclusion: Further research is needed to understand the humanistic and cost impact of frontline PTCL and specific subtypes.


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