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Supplementary Tables 1-3: Antibodies validated for routinely processed tissue unpredictably stain frozen tissue sections

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posted on 2021-02-08, 09:13 authored by Giorgio Cattoretti, Maddalena Bolognesi, Francesco Mascadri, Mario Faretta, Francesca Bosisio
Supplementary Table 1

List of primary antibodies.


Species: Rb= rabbit; RbMab= rabbit monoclonal ab; g1, g2a, g2b, g3= mouse isotypes.

FFPE: yes= working on routinely processed material.

RRID: Resources Identification Portal identifier (https://scicrunch.org/resources)

Supplementary dataset The folder contains individual antibody staining (~100) on frozen tonsil sections, fixed with acetone, 4% formaldehyde or antigen retrieved (AR) following formalin fixation. Each image is a stack of 3 TIFF unmodified fluorescence images on serial sections. Fixation and antibody name can be found in each image title. The collection is a compressed .zip file.

The dataset can be downloaded at the Mendeley repository:

Cattoretti, Giorgio; Bolognesi, Maddalena M; Bosisio, Francesca M; Faretta, Mario; Mascadri, Francesco (2020), “Antibodies validated for routinely processed tissue unpredictably stain frozen tissue sections.”, Mendeley Data, V1, doi: 10.17632/j88c2ftpsr.1


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