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Supplementary Table 1. Specific epigenetic age acceleration patterns among four molecular subtypes of gastric cancer and their prognostic value

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posted on 2021-04-20, 10:07 authored by Yu-Jie Zhou, Xiao-Fan Lu, Jia-Lin Meng, Qi-Wen Wang, Jin-Nan Chen, Qing-Wei Zhang, Kenneth I. Zheng, Claudia S. Rocha, Carla B. Martins, Fang-Rong Yan, Xiao-Bo Li

Supplementary Table 1. Differentially methylated probes between accelerated and decelerated aging of gastric cancer samples (top 100).


Program for Promoting Advanced Appropriate Technology of Shanghai Health Commission (2019SY003); Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities grants of China (Grant No. 2632018FY04); “Double First-Class” University project (CPU2018GY09).