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Supplementary Material: Expanded carrier in screening in Flanders (Belgium): an online survey on the perspectives of non-pregnant reproductive-aged women

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posted on 2021-06-04, 15:58 authored by Van Steijvoort E, Devolder H, Geysen I, Van Epperzeel S, Peeters H, Peeraer K, Matthijs G, Borry P

Background: Despite a considerable interest in expanded carrier screening (ECS) in the general population, actual uptake of ECS remains low. More insights are needed to better understand the perspectives of reproductive-aged individuals.

Materials and methods: Non-pregnant women of reproductive age recruited through public pharmacies throughout Flanders (Belgium) were invited to participate in an online survey.

Results: Most participants (63.6%) indicated they would consider ECS for themselves in the future. About 1 in 2 participants showed a positive attitude towards ECS.

Conclusion: This study reports valuable insights in the perspectives of non-pregnant reproductive aged women in Flanders (Belgium) regarding ECS that can be used in the on-going debate on the responsible implementation of ECS.

Text A: Background information

Text B: Questionnaire

Text C Supplementary data:

Table 8: Sociodemographic Characteristics of participants

Table 9: Perceived susceptibility

Table 10: Acceptability & intention to participate in ECS

Table 11: Knowledge about ECS related concepts

Table 12: Attitudes towards ECS

Table 13: Preferences for the practical organization of a population-based ECS offer


The Research Fund Flanders (FWO) grant number G094518N