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Supplementary Material: A machine learning PROGRAM to identify COVID-19 and other diseases from haematology data

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posted on 2021-06-12, 13:38 authored by Patrick A. Gladding, Zina Ayar, Kevin Smith, Prashant Patel, Julia Pearce, Shalini Puwakdandawa, Dianne Tarrant, Jon Atkinson, Elizabeth McChlery, Merit Hanna, Nick Gow, Hasan Bhally, Kerry Read, Prageeth Jayathissa, Jonathan Wallace, Sam Norton, Nick Kasabov, Cristian S. Calude, Deborah Steel, Colin Mckenzie

Supplementary Table 1. ICD10 codes used in PROGRAM

Supplementary Table 2. Sysmex haematology parameters

Supplementary Figure 1. AUROC for boosted decision tree model to predict pneumonia from FBC

Supplementary Figure 2. AUROC for logistic regression model to predict heart failure from FBC