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Supplementary Material - The miR-938 rs2505901 T>C polymorphism increases hirschsprung disease risk: a case-control study of Chinese children

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posted on 2021-11-11, 15:36 authored by Jun Zhong, Jiabin Liu, Yi Zheng, Xiaoli Xie, Qiuming He, Wei Zhong, Qiang Wu

Supplementary Table 1. Frequency distribution of selected characteristics in the cases and controls.
HSCR, Hirschsprung disease; SHSCR, short-segment Hirschsprung disease; LHSCR, long-segment Hirschsprung disease, TCA, total colonic aganglionosis

Supplementary Table 2. The subclinical information in NB patients collected for the subjects
SD, standard deviation; NA, not available.
a Two-sided c2test for distributions between neuroblastoma cases and cancer-free controls.


Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China 2019A1515010971 Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Research in Structural Birth Defect Disease 2019B030301004