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Supplementary Legends. Transcriptome-wide N6-methyladenosine methylation landscape of coronary artery disease

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posted on 2021-04-20, 10:32 authored by Keyong Deng, Xiaotong Ning, Xiaoxiao Ren, Bin Yang, Jianxin Li, Jie Cao, Jichun Chen, Xiangfeng Lu, Shufeng Chen, Laiyuan Wang
Supplementary Legends for figures 1-9 and tables 1-9.


CAMS Innovation Fund for Medical Sciences (CIFMS) [No.2016-I2M-1-009 (to L.Y.W); 2017-I2M-1-004; 2016-I2M-1-011; 2016-I2M-2-00; 2016-I2M-3-018; 2017-I2M-1-008], the National Natural Science Foundation of China [No.82070473; No.91857118; 81600361] the High-Tech Research and Development Program of China [863 Plan; No.2012AA02A516] and the National Basic Research Program of China [973 Plan; No.2011CB503901] from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China