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Supplementary Files – Cloning vectors for gene delivery, integration, and expression in Campylobacter jejuni

posted on 2022-04-13, 10:19 authored by Figshare Future Science GroupFigshare Future Science Group, Gaylen A. Uhlich, Lori Bagi, Nereus W. Gunther IV


Supplemental file   1:  pBlueKan+cysMPro-    pBluescriptII KS+ with cloned aph(3), cysM promoter, and unique 3’ SmaI   and XhoI cloning sites; KnR;   ApR

Supplemental file   2:  pCJR01-  pBC SK::rRNA with unique NotI cloning site; CmR

Supplemental file   3:  pBlueKan+cysMPro-flaA-  pBlueKan+cysMPro with   Gibson-cloned flaA; KnR;   ApR

Supplemental file   4: pBlueKan+cysMPro-flaAB-  pBlueKan+cysMPro with   Gibson-cloned flaAB; KnR;   ApR

Supplemental file   5:  pCJR01comp-flaA-  pCJR01 with cloned aph(3), PcysM, and flaA; KnR; CmR

Supplemental file 6:  pCJR01comp-flaAB-  pCJR01 with cloned aph(3), PcysM, and flaAB; KnR; CmR  


USDA - Agricultural Research Service, National Program 108 Food Safety [Project # 8072-42000-076].