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Supplementary File 6. High-throughput miRNA-sequencing of the human placenta: expression throughout gestation

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posted on 2021-05-25, 08:46 authored by Tania L Gonzalez, Laura E Eisman, Nikhil V Joshi, Amy E Flowers, Di Wu, Yizhou Wang, Chintda Santiskulvong, Jie Tang, Rae A Buttle, Erica Sauro, Ekaterina L Clark, Rosemarie DiPentino, Caroline A Jefferies, Jessica L Chan, Yayu Lin, Yazhen Zhu, Yalda Afshar, Hsian-Rong Tseng, Kent Taylor, John Williams III, Margareta D Pisarska
Aim: To understand miRNA changes across gestation in healthy human placentae. This is essential before miRNAs can be used as biomarkers or prognostic indicators during pregnancy. Materials & Methods: Using next-generation sequencing, we characterize the normative human placenta miRNome in first (N=113) and third trimester (N=47). Results and Conclusions: There are 801 miRNAs expressed in both first and third trimester, including 182 with similar expression across gestation (P≥0.05, FC≤2) and 180 significantly different (FDR<0.05, FC>2). Of placenta-specific miRNA clusters, C14MC decreases across gestation and C19MC is overall highly expressed. Chromosome 13 clusters are upregulated in first trimester. This work provides a rich atlas of healthy pregnancies to direct functional studies investigating the epigenetic differences in first and third trimester placentae.


National Institute of Health grants: R01 HD091773, R01 HD074368, T32 DK007770 and U01 EB026421.