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Supplementary File 1: Tumour cell invasion into Matrigel: optimized protocol for RNA extraction

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posted on 2021-05-18, 08:50 authored by Roberta Ferretti, Antonella Baldassarre, Emmanuel de Billy, Angel Montero Carcaboso, Andrew Moore, Andrea Carai, Angela Mastronuzzi, Andrea Masotti, Maria Vinci

Supplemental File 1: Yield and quality of RNA extracted following the Protocols A, D and E. Data are mean±SD for RNA samples extracted from HSJD-DIPG007 cell lines. T-test was performed for the comparison of the RNAs concentration from Bioanalyzer measurements between the protocols: For Total RNA, Protocol A vs Protocol D p-value=0,00284; Protocol A vs Protocol E p-value= 0,01463; Protocol D vs Protocol E p-value= 0,59438; for Small RNA, Protocol A vs Protocol D p-value=0,01039; Protocol A vs Protocol E p-value= 0,01486; Protocol D vs Protocol E p-value=0,00518.


This study was supported by Children with Cancer UK grant (16-234) and The Italian Ministry of Health Ricerca Corrente. M Vinci is a Children with Cancer UK Fellow. R. Ferretti is a recipient of Fondazione Veronesi Fellowship (2018 and 2019).