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Supplementary Figure 1. Low vitamin K status, high sclerostin and mortality risk of stable coronary heart disease patients.

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posted on 2021-10-20, 14:28 authored by Otto Mayer Jr, Jan Bruthans, Julius Gelžinský, Jitka Seidlerova, Radek Kučera, Petra Karnosová, Markéta Mateřánková, Martina Rychecká, Peter Wohlfahrt, Renata Cífková, Jan Filipovský, Cees Vermeer
Supplementary Table. Adjusted 5-years risk of non-fatal cardiovascular events or hospitalizations for heart failure attributable to high dp-ucMGP or high sclerostin.


The present analysis was supported by the Health Development Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health (project 17-29520A), Specific Academic Research Project of Charles University (project SVV–2020-2022, No 260 537), by IDS Plc Boldon, UK (providing dp-ucMGP kits free of charge) and by Charles University Research Fund (PROGRES, project Q39).