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Smart nanostructures for targeted oxygen-producing photodynamic therapy of skin photoaging and potential mechanism - supplementary data

posted on 2023-04-26, 09:49 authored by Yun Wang, Zhaopeng Lu, Yuqi Huang, Wenyu Jia, Wandong Wang, Xin Zhang, Cheng Chen, Yizhi Li, Chunsheng Yang, Guan Jiang

Background: Photodynamic therapy increases collagen and decreases solar fibrosis in photoaged skin;

however, the efficacy of photodynamic therapy is limited in tissues with a hypoxic microenvironment.

Methods: A novel autogenous oxygen-targeted nanoparticle, named MCZT, was synthesized based on

the zeolitic imidazole framework material ZIF-8, methyl aminolevulinate, catalase and an anti-TRPV1

monoclonal antibody, and its effects on skin photoaging were investigated. Results: MCZT was successfully

synthesized and showed uniform particle size, good dispersion, and excellent biocompatibility and safety.

Moreover, MCZT effectively alleviated UV-induced inflammation, cellular senescence and apoptosis in

HFF-1 cells. In in vivo models, MCZT ameliorated UV-evoked erythema and wrinkling, inflammation and

oxidative stress, as well as the loss of collagen fibers and water, in the skin of mice. Conclusion: These

findings suggest that MCZT holds promising potential for the treatment of skin photoaging.


National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, (Grant / Award Number: '81572976, 81872493, 81803151')

Public Experimental Research Center of Xuzhou Medical University, (Grant / Award Number: '2016103130046Y')

the ‘Six Talent Peaks’ Project of Jiangsu Province, (Grant / Award Number: 'nos.WSN-254')

College Students' Innovation Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program, (Grant / Award Number: '202010313011Z')

National Demonstration Center for Experiment Education of Basic Medical Sciences, (Grant / Award Number: 'Xuzhou Medical University, 221002, China')

Key University Science Research Project of Jiangsu Province, (Grant / Award Number: 'KYCX20_2495')


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