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Single-day protein LC–MS bioanalysis: can next-generation trypsins cut it?: supplementary table 1

posted on 2023-04-11, 17:40 authored by Ashley S Phillips, Szabolcs Szarka, Robert Wheller

Aims: The drive toward more sensitive LC–MS assays has resulted in long, complex methods. We

assessed next-generation trypsins to identify a suitable candidate to integrate into protein LC–MS

method development strategies, to simplify methods and increase throughput. Materials & methods: The

performance of commercially available next-generation trypsins was assessed based on the digestion of

protein standards in buffer and complex matrix by LC–high-resolution MS. Results: The performance of

all next-generation trypsins assessed exceeded that of an overnight tryptic digest in a fraction of the

time. Performing reduction and alkylation prior to digestion with heat-stable trypsins may be beneficial

and should be investigated. Conclusion: Promega Rapid-Digestion


The authors are grateful to Drug Development Solutions Limited for the financial support of this research and to PreOmics GmbH for providing the iST kit for evaluation.