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Simultaneous determination of four antibiotics in human plasma by high-performance LC–MS/MS: application to therapeutic drug monitoring: supplementary materials

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posted on 2023-04-21, 14:37 authored by Hongchuan Liu, Xiaojia Yu, Ting Hu, Feifei Han, Zhuoling An, Rui Zhao

Background: Aimed to simultaneously measure linezolid, voriconazole, cefoperazone and fluconazole

in human plasma suitable for therapeutic drug monitoring applications, a robust, rapid and easy-touse

HPLC–MS/MS approach was developed and validated. Materials & methods: Protein precipitation

was used to prepare analytes from 100 μl plasma. HPLC was employed for analyte separation, and

quantification was conducted via multiple reaction monitoring in positive ion mode. The methodology

was fully validated. Results & conclusion: All four antibiotics were found to be stable under the tested

conditions, and accuracy values ranged from 90.96 to 113.25% and CV values were <14.0%. This HPLC–

MS/MS method can be used for routine clinical therapeutic drug monitoring of linezolid, voriconazole,

cefoperazone and fluconazole simultaneously.


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