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Sertraline has fungicidal activity against Candida spp. and acts by inhibiting membrane and cell wall biosynthesis - Supplementary table 1

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posted on 2023-08-04, 15:23 authored by Daniel S Rodrigues, Vito´ ria PF Cabral, Amanda D Barbosa, L´ıvia GA Valente S ´a, Cec´ılia R Silva, Lara EAMoreira, Joao BA Neto, Jacilene Silva, H´ elcio S Santos, Emmanuel S Marinho, Bruno C Cavalcanti, Manoel O Moraes, H´ elio VN Ju´ nior

Aim: Our study evaluated the activity of sertraline (SER) alone and associated with antifungal drugs in planktonic Candida spp. strains, and investigated its mechanism of action. Materials & methods: Broth microdilution method and minimum fungicidal concentration/MIC ratio were used to assess SER anticandidal activity, and the interaction with antifungals was determined by fractional inhibitory concentration index. The mechanism of action was investigated by flow cytometry and in silico tests. Results: SER inhibited Candida spp. strains at low concentrations by the fungicidal effect and showed no loss of effectiveness when combined. Its action seemed to be related to the membrane and cell wall biosynthesis inhibition. Conclusion: SER has activity against Candida spp. isolated and associated with antifungals, and acts by causing cell wall and membrane damage.


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