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Real-world clinical profile, treatment patterns, and patient-reported outcomes for thyroid cancer in Japan - Supplementary material.docx

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posted on 2023-06-06, 09:01 authored by Naoki Fukuda, Yoshinori Tanizawa, Kenichi Nakamura, Yui Okada, Grace Segall, Urpo Kiiskinen, Nicolas Fasnacht, Isaac Sanderson, Alex Rider, Katie Lewis


Table S1. Physician characteristics (from physician survey).


Table S2. RET testing and challenges faced (from physician survey).


Table S3. RET testing by hospital type reported by patient’s physician (from physician survey and PRF).


Table S4. Key reasons for prescribing MKI by tumor type (PRF).

 Table S5. Areas for improvement needed for the current/most recently received MKI by tumor type (PRF). 


Table S6. Physician-reported goals of treatment other than cure by tumor type (PRF).


Table S7. EQ-5D-5L subdomains (PSC).


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