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Quantification of antibody–drug conjugate PYX-201 in rat and monkey plasma via ELISA and its application in preclinical studies: Supplementary data

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posted on 2023-03-06, 12:02 authored by Feng Yin, Chris DeCiantis, Jan Pinkas, Biplab Das, Frank Wang, Nancy Zheng, David Hahn, Aniruddha Amrite, Diana Adhikari, Cheikh Kane, Jack Sikora, Justin Pittman, Rebecca Wate, Elizabeth Shaheen, Shawn Harriman

Aim: PYX-201 is a novel antibody–drug conjugate targeting the extra domain B splice variant of

fibronectin in the tumor microenvironment. Accurate quantification of PYX-201 is critical for PYX-

201 pharmacokinetics profiling in preclinical studies. Materials & methods: ELISA was performed using

reference standard PYX-201, mouse monoclonal anti-monomethyl auristatin E antibody, mouse IgG1,

mouse monoclonal anti-human IgG horseradish peroxidase and donkey anti-human IgG horseradish

peroxidase. Results: This assay was validated at 50.0–10,000 ng/ml in rat dipotassium EDTA plasma and

250–10,000 ng/ml in monkey dipotassium EDTA plasma. Conclusion: This is the first time for a PYX-201

bioanalytical assay in any matrix to be reported.