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Quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis receiving glatiramer acetate or interferon in Greek clinical practice Supplementary material

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posted on 2022-09-30, 10:06 authored by Dimos Mitsikostas, Christos Bakirtzis, Ioannis Nikolaidis, Vana Tsimourtou, Persa Kountra, Stavroula Matsi, Alexandros Papadimitriou

People with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis (PwRRMS) are treated with

drugs, for example, glatiramer acetate (GA) or IFN-β. We checked if these drugs improved quality of life

(QoL) in PwRRMS in Greece. QoL was measured by seven questionnaires, askingmany questions on aspects

of life. One survey showed significant improvements with GA treatment in almost half of the question

groups. Similar improvements in this survey were seen with GA in patients who had no other previous

treatments. No changes were seen in GA-treated PwRRMS who previously received IFN-β, or treated with

IFN-β alone. Slight improvements in fatigue and sexual satisfaction were seen. No QoL deteriorations were

seen in the other four questionnaires. Twelve months of GA treatment, but not IFN-β, improved certain

QoL parameters in treatment-naive PwRRMS.


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, (Grant / Award Number: )


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