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Preferences for pharmacogenomic testing in polypharmacy patients: a discrete choice experiment Supplementary Appendix

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posted on 2022-11-21, 12:44 authored by Cheng Chen, Melissa H Roberts, Dennis W Raisch, Todd A Thompson, Amy Bachyrycz, Matthew E Borrego

Aim: To elicit preferences for pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing in polypharmacy patients. Materials &

methods: A face-to-face discrete choice experiment survey was designed and administered to adult

polypharmacy patients recruited at a local retail pharmacy in Albuquerque (NM, USA). Results: A total

of 128 eligible polypharmacy patients completed the discrete choice experiment survey and significantly

preferred a PGx test with lower cost, better confidentiality and higher certainty of identifying best

medication/dose and side effects and one that can be used to advocate for their treatment needs (all

p < 0.01). Conclusion: This is the first study eliciting preferences for PGx testing among polypharmacy

patients. The study found most polypharmacy patients were willing to take a PGx test and their

preferences were mostly influenced by test cost.


University of New Mexico, (Grant / Award Number: 'New Mexico Research Grant ($3000, #14369)')


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