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Perspective on high-throughput bioanalysis to support in vitro assays in early drug discovery: Supplementary tables

posted on 2023-03-14, 17:05 authored by Brandon G Santiago, Stephen H Eisennagel, Gregory E Peckham, Amanda M Liebhardt, Chad L Alburn, Theresa J Roethke, Michael A Reilly, Jens R Sydor, Molly Z Karlinsey

As the desire for a shortened design/make/test/learn cycle increases in early drug discovery, the

pressure to rapidly deliver drug metabolism pharmacokinetic data continues to rise. From a bioanalytical

standpoint, in vitro assays are challenging because they are amenable to automation and thus capable

of generating a high number of samples for analysis. To keep up with analysis demands, automated

method development workflows, rapid sample analysis approaches and efficient data analysis software

must be utilized. This work provides an outline of how we implemented those three aspects to provide

bioanalytical support for in vitro drug metabolism pharmacokinetic assays, which include developing

hundreds of mass spectrometry methods and analyzing thousands of samples per week, while delivering

a median bioanalytical turnaround time of 1–2 business days.


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